Winter shortage season is starting early! KITCO HACKED & CANADIAN SUGAR HOARDING

Sugar shortage in Canada and Kitco hacked
Sugar shortage in Canada and Kitco hacked

As we go into the winter shortage season we’re seeing major issues in dairy, pasta, and in potatoes.

Whether you are a Prepper, a homesteader, or a concerned homemaker there are serious issues happening right now.

[Kitco, CBC]

Hey friends, it’s time to wake up!

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  1. Because of Corporations greed. Why 1 bed room apartment is 2000 dollars and yet when tell them come fix heater they keep delaying or saying
    working great we can not change it. USA capitalism will be crashing , we need human capitalism instead. Call your food mobile bank get your pantry
    established now before is too late? Socialist democrat like france is best for USA. Free Healthcare and free food stamps for all and UBI income of 1000 for all but should be changed to 2000. More on Social security raise as well.

  2. Many of the survival rations sold out there require a good amount of water to prepare, as they’re freeze-dried. Other foods you eat will dehydrate you as they’re digested. The “Coast Guard” rations are “Coast Guard certified” because they don’t need water to prepare and WON’T DEHYDRATE YOU! They’re standard issue in lifeboats and should be standard issue in your preps!

    Ol’ Remus used to say “Panic early. Beat the rush.” Sometimes a shortage will cause a run. Other times the run will cause the shortage. You know; like the Great Toilet Paper Shortage. The end result is the same; the stuff you need isn’t available. Do yourself a favor; lay in what you need and stay stocked up. Buy what you use. Use what you buy, first in, first out. Use something, replace it. That’s how you stay ready.

  3. Where is everything going? My bet is that a lot more people are seeing the writing on the wall and are finally getting prepared for “what’s next.”

    If you’re not… you should be…

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