Yesterday Norway signed away its sovereignty to WHO with literally no public discussion – is your country next?

WHO contract Norway
WHO contract Norway

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) International Health Regulations (IRS), which oblige participating countries to introduce measures as determined by WHO Secretary-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreysus was signed yesterday by the Norwegian parliament with little public discussion.

Critics call the decision a weakening of democracy where unelected WHO officials now can implement very intrusive measures in people’s privacy by bypassing the necessary parliamentary control.

Leader of the political party Venstre, Melby, that voted against the proposal, said:

Now the Parliament has transferred to non-elected health bureaucrats a general mandate to make some of the strongest imaginable interventions in people’s lives: Long-term quarantine and isolation

On the other hand, The Conservative Party, which was in government when the corona pandemic broke out, believes Monday’s decision helps to protect society in a crisis situation.

In practice -“this means that the Ministry of Health and Care Services can bind Norway to the new global rules without submitting the International Health Regulations (IRS) to the parliament and the provisions in the Infection Control Act facilitate the immediate transfer of decisions from the Secretary-General of the WHO directly to Norwegian regulations,” write law professors Hans Petter Graver and Morten Walløe Tvedt.

The vote was first sheduled for last week, but was ‘delayed by a party from the opposition which wanted to discuss the proposition (and they were massively criticized by other elected officials; talk about democracy!).

I share this so that other people from other countries know what’s coming to them soon. Because, as you know, the WHO wants every country to implement this. And they use the best method to implement it: Clandestinely test and vote into law with little to no public discussion. Be prepared people and spread the word! [Dagsavisen, Nettavisen]

Hey friends, it’s time to wake up!

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  1. Could the recent influx of refugees be behind this? You know those who abuse the citizens of their host countries.Who protest at the drop of a hat over silly sh##.Since they don’t acknowledge the laws of their host country, this would give it teeth. The invaders constantly and consistently look to infiltrate and invade by the use of lawyers riots exc.Would not surprise me that they guided this.Under the guise of culture with threats behind the scenes lawfare riots violence.Its what they do best.

  2. Our country is owned by the people & is not for sale regardless of what our crooked president & gov’t thinks.

  3. Watch a documentary called “97% owned” and then you will truly realize how the monetary system is made also how inflation actually exists. I am sure that it’s not only the UK that run their banking systems as such.

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