UK and US same demise! UK Royal Navy has so few soldiers it’s forced to decommission ships so frigates won’t go unmanned


Overwhelming incompetence and corruption, which are a product of the establishments efforts, also just so happen to hamper their more nefarious agenda…

UK Royal Navy has so few soldiers it's forced to decommission ships so frigates won't go unmanned
HMS Westminster (front of image) is reportedly being pensioned off so its sailors can be transferred to a new vessel – despite only recently returning to service

Drastic shortages of sailors have forced the Royal Navy to decommission two of its warships, it was reported last night.

HMS Westminster and HMS Argyll were allegedly retired so their crews could transfer to the service’s new Type 26 frigates. The news comes as UK sailors were sent to the Red Sea to protect merchant vessels from Houthi rebels.

The retirement of HMS Westminster is controversial as it underwent expensive repairs in 2017 and only recently returned to service.

James Cartlidge, minister for defence procurement, told MPs in October that the estimated cost for refitting HMS Westminster was £100million.

The decommissioning of the ships comes as record numbers of sailors, such as navy divers and engineers, are signing off. Many have been headhunted by private sector companies who can double their wages.

Whitehall sources quoted in the Daily Telegraph justified the pensioning off of older ships so the Royal Navy can perform as a ‘modern, hi-tech fighting force’.

A source said: ‘It is always emotive when ships with long histories come to the end of their working lives. But decommissioning is the right decision.

‘The new Type 26 frigates will be in service before those ships can be refitted.’

According to official statistics, the Royal Navy has performed the worst of the services for recruitment in the last 12 months.

The same can be seen over in the US: US military to begin 2024 with lowest troops numbers in over 80 years.

Its intake of recruits dropped by 22.1 per cent in the 12 months to March 2023, while the RAF dropped by almost 17 per cent and the Army by nearly 15 per cent.

In response to the crisis serving Royal Marines have been offered £500 to persuade friends on ‘civvy street’ to enlist.

Last night, former head of the Royal Navy Admiral Lord West said that Britain’s warships were ‘dropping like flies’.

He added that the UK needs a much bigger surface fleet, as the Royal Navy is presently limited in what it is able to achieve.

Shadow defence secretary John Healey has accused the government of failing to get a grip on problems within the armed forces.

Last year, Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, the head of the UK’s armed forces, admitted the Royal Navy had just ’11 or 12′ frigates and destroyers which were fully operational.

A Royal Navy spokesman said: ‘The operational requirements of the Royal Navy are kept under constant review.

‘The Ministry of Defence is committed to ensuring the Royal Navy has the capabilities it needs to meet current and future operational requirements.’

Earlier this week the UK joined an international coalition intended to protect merchant vessels in the Red Sea from attacks by Houthi terrorists based in Yemen, which began with the hijacking of the Galaxy Leader in November.

But at present only one warship, HMS Diamond, has been committed to the role, joining American and French warships in a US-led international taskforce dubbed Operation Prosperity Guardian.

The UK has called for an ‘immediate end’ to attacks on container ships by the Iranian-backed rebels, joining 11 other countries to issue a final warning to militants to cease hostilities along the important maritime trade route.

Allied nations including the US, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Japan and New Zealand have warned that the Houthis would ‘bear the responsibility of the consequences should they continue to threaten lives’.

The Yemeni rebels say they are targeting Israel-linked or Israel-destined ships, and aim to end Israel’s air and ground offensive in Gaza following the attack by Hamas on October 7.

Asked on Tuesday whether Britain was considering more armed support to protect the vital global shipping route, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: ‘Planning is under way for a range of scenarios. No decisions have been made.

‘We will continue to pursue all potential routes, including diplomatic routes.’

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