Cancel the ‘Wurst’! Germany’s minister of agriculture proposes tax on meat

tax on meat in Germany
tax on meat in Germany

According to online Bild here, Germany’s Federal Agriculture Minister, Cem Özdemir, (Green Party) has recently proposed a consumption tax on meat. He calls this tax “animal welfare cents”.

Özdemir sent a framework paper to the coalition government where he recommends a consumer tax on meat.

“The main aim is to generate tax revenue for agricultural and food policy projects. Özdemir sees this step as an opportunity to financially support important projects in the field of sustainable agriculture,” reports Blackout News here. “In particular, meat, meat products, edible offal and processed products containing a certain proportion of these products are to be taxed.”

Food inflation was at double digit rates over much of the past 2 years, and a meat tax will only further exacerbate the inflationary spiral. Germany’s policy on energy has made energy there among the most expensive in the world, and has led to a series of price increases through the entire supply chain.

“A few cents per kilo”

The planned amount of the meat tax remains unknown, but the talk has been of a modest amount in the range of “a few cents per kilo.”

Özdemir “wants it to do long-term good for agriculture and the environment” and he “views the levy as an important investment in the future.”


Audi production moving to China, Mexico

German luxury carmaker Audi is now planning to move production out of Germany and over to China and Mexico.

“Audi is planning to reduce its production capacity in Europe. The German car manufacturer intends to produce the Q8 e-tron model in Mexico and China.”

“The decision will have a major impact on the plant in Brussels. The Group currently produces the Q8 e-tron exclusively there. According to information from company circles, the company is considering relocating production of this model from Belgium to Mexico and China.” has been banned from ADS NETWORKS! CLICK HERE TO DONATE AND SUPPORT ME, MY WORK AND MY WEBSITE! 

Miele moving to Poland

German manufacturing giant Miele has announced it is laying off thousands of jobs in Germany and relocating positions to Poland due to the deteriorating financial climate in Europe’s powerhouse economy.

The household and commercial appliances maker informed employees at several production sites across Germany on Tuesday that up to 2,000 jobs are to be cut as part of tough austerity measures in a company restructuring — as many as 700 other positions could also be moved to neighboring Poland.

“The Miele Group has also felt the effects of the global collapse in demand for household appliances and the drastic price increases on the cost side,” the company explained in a statement issued on Tuesday. It added the move to cut up to 10 percent of its workforce in Germany was “inevitable.”

“What we are currently experiencing is not a temporary dip in the economy, but rather a lasting change in the framework conditions relevant to us that we have to adapt to,” the company added.

It cited higher inflation as a factor affecting procurement of materials and energy, and said the restructuring was part of a wider business plan to save €500 million in expenditure by 2026.

Welcome to the collapse of the European economy… And it is just beginning! And is made on purpose… Soon will the UBS bank of Switzerland be attacked and the whole economy won’t be able to sustain. Have a plan… Have a KitKat… [Bild]

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  1. Nickel and dime you to death.Just so they can advance their scheme.Seems no matter where you are.They are there to fleece you for their own agenda.
    Here a tax there a tax everywhere a tax tax.Eventually no one will be working and all taxes will dry up.
    What ja gonna do taxman when the well is dry.

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