What are the dirty FEDs implying by flying the flag upside down?


The “Patriot Front” is assumed by many to be undercover FEDs. Now, assume they are (probably the truth, but I have no evidence). What would they be signaling with all the upside-down flags?

patriot front reversed American flag
patriot front reversed American flag

Upside down flag means country in distress… It’s used in the military. If a fort or post is under attack or is in some other form of distress, they fly the flag upside down. So what are the freaking feds implying by flying the flag upside down?

My guess is to just sew more division in the country. Pretty much myself and a lot of my friends all know that the powers in charge are trying to pit us up against each other to distract us from the shitty and malicious tactics they are using to pull money out of our pockets and back into theirs…

What are your thoughts?

Hey friends, it’s time to wake up!

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  1. Sow is correct grammar wise.However in this case the use of sew is correct.They are attempting to sew.
    Pulling their threads and attempting to knot it.

  2. The Patriot Front is obviously a bullshit organization working for the globalist. They look like a bunch of clowns. It’s awful what America has turned into. A day of reckoning is fast approaching and it aint gonna be pretty. Pray for God’s salvation.

  3. what if the patriot front are not feds and actually a organization that is standing up for white people?we know the kkk is all feds.the difference is the patriot front does not carry weapons to marches,all they carry is shields to protect themselfs.they fly no nazi flags,or cover themselfs with nazi tatoos.if you go to thier website they go to disaster sites and help fellow white people in trouble.the kkk and the feds would never do that,help white people.i hope they are a whites rights organization because their are not any credible ones.if whites are to survive they have to organize to put them first not last.

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