Strange sounds research: Windsor Hum is real but its source remains unknown

The source of the Windsor hum remains unknown even when analyzed with the most sophisticated techniques!


Since early 2011, residents of the City of Windsor and nearby communities have reported an intermittent low frequency noise, which has been labeled as the Windsor Hum. A previous study confirmed the existence of the low frequency excitation and estimated the source to be in the vicinity of Zug Island on the US side of the Detroit River.

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Federal government to fund Windsor hum research

A subsequent investigation by the University of Western Ontario (UWO) and the University of Windsor was supported by the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) to try to locate the source of the Hum.

This present report includes an in-depth discussion of possible sources capable of producing the reported Hum sound. For the duration of the project, the Hum manifested on only a handful of days, which made the identification of the source difficult.

However, the Windsor Hum does exist and has both qualitative and quantitative characteristics that surmise the likely source of the Hum to be from the blast furnace operations on Zug Island. And noise monitoring should be continued to pinpoint the exact source of this annoying sound.

Other parts of this Windsor Hum’s report are available here.

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