Thursday, July 24, 2014

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Strange Sounds is your webzine featuring articles on high-pitched humming noises and other bizarre, curious and baffling nature events and earth signs happening around the world. Enter this community to discover and share news about THE unexplained HUM phenomenon, mystery booms, weird sky and extreme weather events, meteor explosions, geological oddities (sinkhole, fracking quakes), magic places and odd animal and people behaviors around our amazing Earth. Be curious!

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Latest Strange Sounds

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This video compiles different scary sounds from space and Earth. Discover the strange and creepy noises of space, solar system planets and earth phenomena in this...

Geological Oddity and Extreme Weather Phenomena

landslide volcano tsunami iceland, giant landslide tsunami, giant landslide triggers tsunami in Iceland, giant landslide tsunami iceland july 2014, Volcanic Landslide Creates Iceland Tsunami - Strange Sounds, giant volcanic landslide, This giant volcanic landslide generated 50-meters-high tsunami waves at the Askja stratovolcano in Iceland on July 23 2014, landslide creates tsunami in iceland, iceland landslide tsunami, landslide volcano tsunami iceland

A very large volcanic landslide occurred at the Askja stratovolcano in Iceland on July 23, 2014. The 1-km wide landslide generated 50-meters-high tsunami waves. This giant...
deep sea fish, deep sea creature, deep sea fish die-off, whay are deep sea fish migrating into shallow water, deep sea fish caught by fishermen in shallow water, shallow water deep sea fish, deep sea monster caught in Sri lanka shallow water july 2014, This deep sea fish was caught off Sri Lanka coast on July 22 2014

This rare deep sea fish was caught by fishermen off Sri Lanka's coast on July 22 2014. This weird and terrifying creature from the...
second mysterious crater found in Yamal july 2014, second giant hole discovered in tundra of yamal peninsula, yamal peninsula second crater, second hole discovered in yamal peninsula july 2014, giant hole discovered in siberia, A second mysterious crater was discovered in Siberia by reindeer herders. Photo first giant sinkhole discovered one week ago in the Yamal Peninsula.

Reindeer herders in Russia's Far North have discovered yet another mysterious giant hole about 30 kilometers away from a similar one found days earlier. Located...
landslide, killer landslide, killer landslide china video, landslide china july 2014, apocalyptic landslide july 2014 china, killer landslide sichuan july 2014 video, This apocalyptic landslide destroyed several cars and killed drivers in Sichuan on July 19 2014video

On Thursday afternoon a rockslide occurred on a road in Maoxian County in Sichuan Province of China. This killer landslide struck nine vehicles, including seven...

Latest Mystery Booms

This 20-inches diameter stone landed This chunk landed on the forecourt of a house. Stones were still warm even hours after the explosion. Photo: Pesse

A resident of Gerlafingen in Solothurn was waken up by loud booms and glowing red rocks in the sky! What the heck was that? UFO?...