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Strange Sounds will make you discover different sources for the unexplained strange sounds around the world. As you may already know some mystery booms and rumblings are closely linked to seismic activity and other geological phenomena. Discover below the latest strange sounds, loud booming noise and geological oddities.

Latest Strange Sounds

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This video compiles different scary sounds from space and Earth. Discover the strange and creepy noises of space, solar system planets and earth phenomena in this...

Mystery Booms

This 20-inches diameter stone landed This chunk landed on the forecourt of a house. Stones were still warm even hours after the explosion. Photo: Pesse

A resident of Gerlafingen in Solothurn was waken up by loud booms and glowing red rocks in the sky! What the heck was that? UFO?...
Residents of SE Australia were stunt by a mysterious fireball falling from the sky on July 10 2014. It was space junk. Photo: Twitter User @RegularSteven, Bright meteor (or space junk) lights up skies over Australia July 10 2014, Mysterious Space Junk Fireball Goes Sonic Over Australia on July 10 2014, Mysterious Space Junk Fireball lights up the sky of australia july 10 2014, fireball australia july 10 2014, space debris fireball australia july 10 2014, fireball space debris australia july 10 2014, space debris australia july 10 2014, mysterious firaball meteor over australia july 10 2014, mysterious fireball australia july 2014, fireball sydney july 2014, space junk australia july 10 2014, space junk fireball over se australia july 10 2014,video

'Meteor' which lit-up the Australian sky may have been space junk from a weather satellite launched 10,000km away in Kazakhstan Shocked Australians believed they were witnessing...
Mystery booms are increasingly felt across the world. Image, Strange Sounds and Mystery Booms Around The World (July 2014), Loud booms at Smithsonian Metro station - July 10 2014, Loud booms in Indiana - July 5 2014, Compilation of strange sounds and mysterious booms from around the world for July 2014, mystery boom, loud boom, strange sounds, strange sounds around the world, explosion, The Hum, humming noise, weird noise, high-pitched noise mystery booms numbers are increasing daily so get prepared!, Strange sounds and loud booms in Australia - July 2014, Possible cause for loud booms and the strange sounds in the sky, Can strange sounds come from space?, Strange humming sounds Redondo Beach in California - July 2014, Mystery boom in Dunham Township - June 26 2014, Loud mysterious booms in Murray Utah - July 2014, Mystery boom July 10 2014 (unknown location), mysterious boom, mystery boom, loud boom, weird booming noise, explosion, strange sounds, humming sound, strange sounds in the sky, strange sounds around the world, weird noise, humming noise, Mysterious booms report are increasing on this blog. But the reason why is still unknown!

Is it our earth which is about to shift? At least there are always more reports of mystery booms around the world. Here a loud booming...
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Here a compilation of the latest comments left on my blog reporting strange sounds and loud booming noises! In the last week of June and the...

Geological Oddity and Extreme Weather

New volcanic island off Japan coast Niijima, Geological oddity: Smoke from an erupting undersea volcano forms a new island off the coast of Nishinoshima in the southern Ogasawara chain of islands.

The new island Nishino-shima as seen from space on July 4 2014. Photo: Operational Land Imager (OLI) on Landsat 8. This new volcanic island off Japan,...

Sky phenomena like meteor and fireball may go sonic and thus produce mysterious high-pitched noise. Moreover, rare cloud appearances, space oddities and mystery places always have a mystical influence on human beings. Discover below photos, videos and articles about amazing sky and space baffling phenomena and mystery places around the world.

Finally, a real tour of our planet requires speaking about mysteries, archeology, dinosaur but also featuring experimental music and art as well as strange animal behaviors. Discover some interesting sounding stories below. Follow Strange Sounds!

Strange Sounds is a community. Share your latest strange sounds around the world, mystery booms or any photos and videos of unexplained and amazing phenomena you witnessed around the world below