Wednesday, July 27, 2016


The 61G lava flow extending southeast of Pu’u ‘O’ō reaches the ocean for the first time in 3 years in Hawaii

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Eruptive activity continues at Kilauea Volcano’s summit and East Rift Zone. The 61G lava flow extending southeast of Pu’u ‘O’ō entered the ocean, as of 1:12 a.m. HST., for the...

New species of surreal jellyfish discovered in Enigma Seamount at a depth of 3,700 meters

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In what looks more like a scene out of a James Cameron movie, this improbable creature suddenly popped into the frame of researchers on a NOAA expedition aboard the...

Fireflies magic lights in Japan

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While some in Japan see June as the month of the dreaded humid days and summer rains... It’s also a time to see a beautiful natural phenomenon: fireflies. Since it’s mating...

State of emergency in Chios, Greece as largest wildfire in years rages out of control

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Greece has declared a state of emergency on the Aegean island of Chios due to a wildfire raging out of control. Dozens of firefighters and aircraft battle the fire that...

Tornado rips through Gauteng damaging severely Tembisa, South Africa (pictures and videos)

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A tornado ripped through Gauteng, north east of OR Tambo International Airport damaging buildings and injuring people in Tembisa, near Johannesburg. The extreme weather event was accompanied by big hail...

Biggest polar stratospheric cloud so far this year over Antarctica

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The stratosphere is a relatively clear layer of Earth's atmosphere, almost always cloud-free. But on July 25,2016, researchers at Argentina's San Martín Base spotted a bank of fantastically colored clouds floating...

Mysterious gateway to afterlife found under Maya pyramid in Palenque

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Mexican archeologists have discovered a mysterious canal system under the pyramid containing the tomb of a Mayan ruler in Palenque. Is it the symbolic gateway to afterlife? The hydraulic system was...

New active volcanoes around the world: Sakurajima (Japan), Reventador (Ecuador), Poas and Turrialba (Costa Rica)

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Every day, new volcanoes are spewing plumes of ash and gas around the world. On July 25, 2016,  4 new volcanoes showed increased activity: Sakurajima (Japan), Reventador (Ecuador), Etna (Italy), Turrialba...

Trio of meteor showers underway: Southern Delta Aquarids, Alpha Capricornids and the Perseids

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A trio of meteor showers is currently lighting up our skies with fireballs of different sizes: Southern Delta Aquarids, Alpha Capricornids and the Perseids. Two - Southern Delta Aquarids and Alpha Capricornids...

Unusual light in the sky of Phoenix, Arizona – Phoenix: a meteor fireball hotspot

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Valley residents have seen their share of unusual lights in the sky over the years, and it happened again on July 21, 2016 just after 9 p.m. In the video,...

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