Saturday, July 23, 2016


Epic lava rainbow in Hawaii and other volcanic eruption videos from around the world

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Look at this awesome lava rainbow in Hawaii. And some other epic volcanic eruptions that occurred around the world on July 22, 2016. Lava rainbow in Hawaii on July 22, 2016 Eruption...

Mysterious green foam emerges from the sewers in Bluffdale, Utah (pictures and videos)

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Strange green foam emerged from a sewer grate in Bluffdale, Utah, on July 21, 2016. Is this mysterious green substance linked to the toxic algae bloom that has shut down...

Thousands of Venezuelans cross the border into Colombia to buy food and medicine

Tens of thousands of Venezuelans streamed across the border from the town of San Antonio del Tachira into Cucuta, Colombia on Sunday, July 17, 2016. This, to stock up on...

Another evidence of HAARP over Santiago de Chile?

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What are these strange elongated clouds in the sky over Santiago de Chile on July 21, 2016? Another evidence of HAARP? They say project HAARP (= High-frequency Active Auroral Research) is...

Strange winged creature in Mexico: Fairy ? Alien? or Locust from the Book of Revelation?

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What is this strange winged creature that doesn’t bear any resemblance to any animal that science currently knows about? The mysterious creature was discovered along a highway in Mexico. Is...

Eerie iridescent cloud appears over Santiago de Chile at sunset

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This eerie iridescent cloud appeared over Santiago de Chile at sunset on July 15, 2016. This is one of the most unbelievable rainbow cloud I have ever seen in my life! Cloud...

Mysterious recurrent boom rocks Sonora, California and baffles residents

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A mysterious recurrent boom in Sonora, California has residents baffled and looking to the sky. The noise that can often be heard weekdays during the summer months from 11 a.m....

Series of 70 earthquakes rattles California: Is the ‘Big One’ coming?

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In the last seven days, central California has been hit by 70 earthquakes. Is the 'Big One' coming in the near future? Central California was hit with growing number of earthquakes in...

New mysterious mass die-off of at least 70 pilot whales in the region of Aysen, Chile

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Another mysterious whale mass die-off has been recorded in the Aysen region, Chile At least 70 whales were found dead on the west coast of Clemente Island in the archipelago...

Incredible lightning show electrifies Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Florida

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Look at these incredible lightning pictures from Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Florida a few nights ago. What a spectacular show shot by Justin Battles! Powerful! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

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