The Ring of Fire is exploding right now with 32 volcanoes erupting, 33 showing unrest or minor activity, and several strong earthquakes.

The latest volcanic peaks to have erupted being Rincon de La Vieja and Turrialba in Costa Rica, Fuego and Pacaya in Guatemala, and the continuous seismic unrest at Mount Agung in Indonesia.

current erupting volcanoes october 2017, current eruptions, map current volcanic eruptions, current volcanic eruptions
There are currently 32 volcanoes erupting around the world as of October 3, 2017. Circles represent earthquakes larger than M5.0 in the past 24 hours.

When adding volcanoes currently showing minor activity or under warning, the map looks even more terrifying:

current erupting volcanoes october 2017, current eruptions, map current volcanic eruptions, current volcanic eruptions
Curret erupting volcanoes (red) and current volcanoes showing warning or minor activity (orange). There are 33 unrest volcanic peaks.

I you then add the volcanoes showing unrest, then you can clearly say that the Ring of Fire is exploding:

current erupting volcanoes october 2017, current eruptions, map current volcanic eruptions, current volcanic eruptions
Current erupting volcanoes (red), current volcanoes showing warning or minor activity (orange). and current volcanoes showing unrest (yellow).

Middle and South America are currently showing increased signs of eruptive activity and volcanic unrest with Popocatepetl spewing ash consecutively during the last 4 days, a swarm of 600 earthquakes hitting below Llaima volcano in Chile, and 45 daily explosions at Sabancaya in Peru.

On October 3, 2017 Rincon de La Vieja and Turrialba in Costa Rica, Fuego and Pacaya in Guatemala started erupting, while Mount Agung in Indonesia was showing continuous signs of unrest:

On 3 October 2017, two phreatic eruptions – 8:48 and 14:45 local time – rattled Rincon de La Vieja in Costa Rica, sending a white plume at 500 meters, 700 meters and 1500 meters above the crater, respectively.

Just before, at 7:00 local time, a small eruption ejected ash and gas up to 500 meters above the crater of Turrialba in Costa Rica.

Ashfalls have been reported on Santa Cruz, Las Verbenas, Santa Teresita, Calle Vargas, Guayabito, La Isabel.

Meanwhile, in Guatemala, the Fuego volcano is exploding at a dramatic rate of 10-12 eruptions / hour, expelling plumes of ashes rising between 4,400 and 5,000 meters asl.

Depending on the direction of the wind and the power of the eruptions, ashfalls were reported at Antigua Guatemala, Alotenango, Villa Nueva, San Miguel Petapa and even reached Guatemala City.

The Pacaya volcano in Guatemala is also active with explosions sending materials 40-80 meters above the Mackeney cone crater. Officials say this new periodof activity is likely to result in larger explosions and new lava flows.

pacaya volcanic eruption
pacaya volcanic eruption

Finally, the situation hasn’t much changed at Agung volcano in Indonesia. A small white plume is spewed out of the summit.

However, the seismic activity is still high on October 3rd, with 322 deep volcanic earthquakes, 287 volcanic earthquakes and 48 local tectonic earthquakes.

agung volcano seismic unrest, agung volcano seismic unrest eruption
agung volcano seismic unrest

I you add to these volcanic eruptions the 4 strong earthquakes (>M5.0) from the last 24 hours (see map above), we can say that the Ring of Fire is clearly exploding… And nobody knows when it is going to slow down!

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  1. Very interesting, but what we need to know is whether the current activity unusual

    Are there any history charts showing volcanic activity?

    • Yes, of course and no nothing like this has happened before in modern times.

      Also don’t ask, look, use Google.

  2. This is very disheartening as we should be enjoying the fruits of our labor, yet we’re all set to be the next great extinction, sadness due to greed and capitalism! All Geoengenearing not to better the world but rather to enslave it, its citizens are nothing more than a commodity on Wallstreet, the rich have caused this catastrophic event in the future of humanity!

  3. What is interesting about the graphs above is the LACK of volcanic action in the USA and Canada. All things are interconnected in this world and on this planet. Tectonic plates shifting, volcanic ring spewing – when will all of this set off Volcanos and Earthquakes in the US/Canada? Not a matter of If, but WHEN? Americans and Canadians should be worried on the West Coast and possibly the New Madrid area.

  4. The polar shift that began in the late 1940’s and ended about 1995 is what is causing this and the global climate change. The earth is settling. Also, note there is activity in the U.S.. Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park area is an example. There is currently not a volcano, but who knows what this new activity underground will bring? In California and Nevada there are currently no volcano’s. The earth is shifting a great deal. Could there be a volcano in the very new future?


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