Anomalous light pillars appear in the sky of Borneo – A polar phenomenon in the tropics, oh yeah!

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Those amazing light beams reaching up to the sky normally appear during glacial days near the north pole. But these anomalous light pillars formed in the sky of Borneo. Hu...

Mysterious ‘Bright Nights’ or ‘Nocturnal Sun’ phenomenon explained

Bright nights: scientists explain rare phenomenon of 'nocturnal sun', bight night, nocturnal sun, mysterious bright night phenomenon explainedvideo
The Romans referred to it as the “nocturnal sun”. Later accounts describe it as an unexplained glow – bright enough to read a book by – that would sometimes...

Crazy sunset puts the sky on fire over Rochester, New York (pictures)

sky on fire rochester new york, Bloody sunset over Rochester, New York on June 25 2017, fiery sunset rochester, rochester storm sunset june 2017, sky of fire rochester pictures
This crazy sunset put the sky on fire over Rochester, New York on June 25, 2017. And now try to imagine the hell of a storm this gigantic burning cloud...

A large asteroid is approaching Earth at an enormous speed and will zip past Earth on June 24

asteroid june 24, Large asteroid is passing close to Earth on June 24 2017, Large asteroid is passing close to Earth on June 24 2017 videovideo
A potentially hazardous asteroid 300 meters in diameter will flyby Earth on 24 June. The space rock called 441987 2010 NY65 will zip past our Planet at a speed of...

Furious Independence Day thunderstorm swallows up Saratov

Independence Day thunderstorm, Independence Day thunderstorm cloud, Independence Day thunderstorm cloud photo, Independence Day thunderstorm cloud videovideo
Sometimes thunderstorms look as if they were coming out of a movie! Watch this furious Independence Day thunderstorm swallowing up Saratov in Russia on June 21, 2017. And last but not...

Hypnotizing mothership supercell grows in Nebraska (video)

supercell nebraska, Supercell Nebraska June 16 2017, Supercell Nebraska June 16 2017 video, Supercell Nebraska June 16 2017 picturesvideo
The Great Plains of the United States is place of some of the most incredible thunderstorms and supercells in the world. This hypnotizing time-lapse video filmed in Nebraska on June...

Monstrous electroactive storm cell near Chelyabinsk (Pictures)

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This dark thunderstorm really looks like a monster! This apocalyptical electroactive cell strom engulfed the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia on June 16, 2017. Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Unusually late start to the summer season for Noctilucent Clouds, and no one knows for sure what will happen next

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This is an unusually late start to the summer season for Noctilucent clouds (NLCs), and no one can say for sure what will happen next. However, researchers believe the electric...

Weaponized sky drops 4.7 inches hail on Kansas

giant hailstones kansas, Gigantic hail up to 11 cm (4.7 inches) in diameter fell in Kiowa, Kansas on June 15 2017video
It's when such huge hail falls from the sky... That you think about weather war. Now look at this weaponized sky over Kansas before and during the storms: Weather weapons across the...

What’s happening over the horizon? Intense anticrepuscular rays beam the sky of Germany

anticrepuscular rays picture, anticrepuscular rays june 2017, Anticrepuscular rays in the sky of Germany on June 14 2017
What's happening over the horizon? They call them anticrepuscular rays and the scene appears somehow supernatural. To understand anticrepuscular rays, start by picturing common crepuscular rays that are seen any time...