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148 meteors reported by NASA’s All Sky Fireball Network over the USA on July 9, 2016

148 fireball july 9 2016, NASA All Sky Fireball Network records 148 fireballs on July 9 2016, 148 meteors july 9 2016, increased meteor activity july 9 2016
Every night, NASA’s All Sky Fireball Network scans the skies above the United States for meteoritic fireballs. On July 9, 2016, the network reported 148 fireballs. Pretty amazing! Source of the...

Thousands of mayflies pile 6 inches high and block traffic in Havana, Illinois

mayfly invasion havana june 2016, mayfly invasion havana illinois june 2016, mayfly invasion block bridge illinois, mayfly havana illinois june 2016 photovideo
Thousands of mayflies have taken over a bridge in Havana, central Illinois on June 27, 2016. At one point the mound of insects piled 6 inches high. The Havana Police Department...

Three people swallowed by sinkholes in Pennsylvania and Detroit

sinkhole swallows people june 2016, sinkhole june 2016, people fall in sinkhole june 2016video
In the last few days, a man and two women were swallowed by different sinkholes in the US. The incidents occurred in Wilkes-Barre and Allentown, Pennsylvania as well as a gaping sinkhole...

2.5 hertz frequency causes earthquakes – Sonic booms and Earth rumbling noises since June 15th 2011

strange noise
Your site has made me rethink moving. Seems there is no escaping. Since June 14th 2011 I've heard earth groaning sounds on and off in spurts. I believe I heard earth...

Giant sinkholes swallow bulldozer, truck and man around the world

garbage truck swallowed by sinkhole austin, garbage truck swallowed by sinkhole austin june 2016, garbage truck swallowed by sinkhole austin photo, garbage truck swallowed by sinkhole austin videovideo
Sometimes, sinkholes are hungry and decide to swallow up everyting on the surface. On June 10, 2016, three massive craters had a bulldozer in South Africa, a truck in Austin, USA...

Daytime fireball strikes over St. Louis, Missouri (video) – Loud boom reported

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A bright daytime fireball streak across the sky over St. Louis, Missouri on June 6, 2016. Some reported hearing a sonic boom as the meteor disintegrated in the Earth's atmosphere. The...

Beautiful tornadoes reported in Dodge City and Scott City, Kansas

tornado dodge city kansas, tornado dodge city kansas pictures, tornado dodge city kansas video, tornado dodge city kansas may 24 2016video
A large tornado moved dangerously close to Dodge City, Kansas, on Tuesday afternoon, sweeping just west of the city center. The severe thunderstorm responsible for the twister was so powerful that...

Exploding fireball disintegrates in a loud boom over northeastern US on May 17, 2016

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The sky is on fire! And it seems that large fireballs have decided to strike the sky around the world in the last few days. After Finland on May 12, 2016...

Awesome fireball over Georgia – May 3, 2016

On May 3, 2016, an awesome blue-green space rock suddenly lit up the sky of Georgia, USA. The fireball was captured by the dashcam of Jeremy Wall in the Lawrenceville...

Monster supercell sweeps over Laplata in Maryland

This monster supercell swept across Laplata, Maryland on May 2, 2016. I'm sure you thought about the F4 tornado that hit the exact same place back in 2002. Look at this incredible...

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