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Double rainbow and mammatus clouds over Newark, Delaware

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A double rainbow is an awesome meteorological phenomenon on its own. But when mammatus clouds appear at the same time... It becomes epic. This is what happened in the sky...

Hundreds of crows fall dead from the sky in Springfield, Michigan

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Mystery as several hundred crows are discovered dead along a section of railroad tracks in Springfield, Michigan on March 15, 2016. Residents counted around 300 dead birds stretching over at...

The 13 dead eagles of Maryland did not die of natural causes

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Now it's clear, the 13 dead eagles found on a farm last month in Federalsburg, Maryland did not die of natural causes. The investigation is now focused on human causes. Newly...

Powerful M6.3 earthquake strikes the Aleutian Islands, Alaska

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A powerful M6.3 earthquake struck near the Aleutian Islands, Alaska, USA on March 12, 2016. The strong quake hit off Atka at 6:07pm (UTC) at a depth of 13.9 miles...

Methane bubbles through asphalt cracks in Germantown, Maryland

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Toxic methane leaked out of soil on Germantown cove on March 10, 2016. Close to 70 people have been evacuated as besides being flammable, the methane forced oxygen out of...

What is this mysterious noise coming from the sky in northern Oklahoma City?

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What is this mysterious noise coming from the sky and annoying residents of northern Oklahoma City since March 3, 2016? Army jets? HAARP? Alien discussion? The mystery remains. The video uploader...

There is something in the sky that’s making a weird noise. What is it?

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This weird noise video was recorded on February 22, 2016 in Alaska by Youtuber Silver Shadow. And she adds: 'There is something in the sky that's making a weird noise...

Mysterious noise from the sky in a quiet US neighborhood

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Can anyone figure out what this mysterious noise is? This video was recorded in 2008 way before hoaxes started flooding Youtube. According to the video uploader, this terrifying noise was ear...

What is this mystery noise in Forest Grove, Oregon?

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What is this mystery noise that is keeping residents up at night in Forest Grove, Oregon? The mysterious shrieking sound has left the residents of the neighborhood seriously perplexed. Mystery sound frustrates people...

Loud booms as small earthquake hits the Ramapo Fault in New Jersey

new jersey earthquake ramapo fault february 18 2016, A federal environmental agency says a small earthquake has hit northern New Jersey for the second time in less than two months., USGS confirms 1.6-magnitude earthquake in northern NJ
A small magnitude-1.6 quake hit the Ramopo Fault on February 18, 2016. Although strong like a fart for residents of the Bay area in California, 1000 people reported feeling the...