Weird Trumpet Sound Baffles Philadelphia


This is again a weird noise that’s hard to classify.

I would go for the hum phenomenon. What about you guys?

Loud “trumpet” sound recordered in Philadelphia, PA on March 14, 2012.

The video uploader’s comment says:

[quote_box_center]My camera phone is not very good on sound however im sure there were other people that recorded this sound,by the end of the video the sound had stopped. very weird.[/quote_box_center]

What do you think this electrifying noise is? Listen to some more on our map!

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  1. I heard the “noise” too but here’s the catch…
    It was in the midday…I was sleep
    It woke me up
    Went outside to see some people looking up and around each asking me if I heard it
    At that moment, I knew something ” mystical” was happening… For some reason I wasn’t scared of understanding the meaning… but what confirmed my theory was there were many people who didn’t and alot of kids did…

  2. I live in Philadelphia. It was not loud enough to wake me but I heard it. Never thought anything more about it but I hear it and now seeing this video and looking at the worlds condition today I wonder how many trumpet sounds in total have been heard on different days and years.

  3. I searched this event, because I wondered if anyone else had ever heard it. It still baffles me from time to time, because I wonder why some others I asked didn’t hear it. It practically shook the sky, there was no way a person could sleep through it. This is coming from someone who has, slept through hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes and monsoons.

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