Massive Gas Explosion in Downtown Springfield, Massachusetts, USA – several people hurt, November 23 2012


November 23 2012 – Massive Gas Explosion in Downtown Springfield, Illinois, USA

Massive Gas Explosion in Downtown Springfield, Illinois, USA on the 23rd November 2012 during afternoon. At date, officials count 18 injured including 9 firefighters, but none of them seriously. The downtown is still blocked since the gas leak has not been discovered yet.

The massive friday afternoon explosion in downtown Springfield made a loud boom that was heard and felt as far away as Hardwick, Granby, Belchertown, and Monson. In downtown, the explosion sent a huge cloud of smoke into the air, and people standing nearby were knocked to their feet. The gas leak destroyed the strip bar SCORES which was not open for business at that time. The explosion destroyed another two buildings, show windows and windows along the sidewalks of downtown main streets from Worthington Street to the Hampden Bank building on Harrison Avenue. Much of the central streets of Springfield are now blocked off. The gas leak is still however unknown and the situation thus remains dangerous.

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