Compilation of Strange Sounds around the World: California, Brazil, Turkey, Denmark, Russia, December 21 2012


December 21 2012 – Compilation of Strange Sounds around the World, Fakes and Reals

On the 21st of December 2012, a lot of videos appeared on youtube and all over the web. Here you will find some of them. I just tried to picked up those I believe to be true and left off the fakes because on the Apocalypse day, there was a bunch of them. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013!

Strange Sounds in El Monte, California, USA, 4:00 AM

Strange Sounds in the Sky, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

Strange Sounds in Istanbul/Turkey – 21 Aralık 2012 – Gökyüzündeki garip ses – 9:00 PM

HAARP: New discovery STRANGE SKY. Pulsating sky – Pulserende himmel – Denmark

Strange sounds in the sky – Chelyabinsk, Russia 12/20/2012

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