Strange Sounds Compilation: UK, USA, Canada – December 19 2012


Compilation of Strange Sounds and comment posted on this blog for yesterday. Thank you for your help!

“Its the 20th dec 2012 6:43am uk essex and I can hear a constant rumbling sound so ive turned of my fridge coz that was making noise and I can still hear the rumbling sound. Its very strange. Its a faint airplane engine sound, im thinking it might be somthing other than the skies coz I can only hear it more when im in bed and thought if it was the skies then I should hear it where ever. Very weird tho, never heard it before.”

“Dec 19, 2012 11:11pm. I live in Ontario, Canada and tonight I heard a loud humming noise coming from the sky – we hear itost evenings – but tonight was especially loud. Sort of like a jet engine. I noticed low flying lights shortly thereafter. It may have been helicopters but they made no sound. I’d really like to know what the heck this is and why no one in the news mentions this. It seems from these posts that people ate hearing them all over North America. And I agree with the poster “wind” I find it very strange that no one seems to come out of there house when the noises occur – it’s as if everyone is literally asleep!”

And some other videos:

Sacramento, California, USA:

And somewhere else in the USA:


  1. One more thing: I don’t believe my country is trying any underground secret weapon, because we don’t have an advanced technology like US or Russia. Which makes this even more confusing…

  2. Hello
    I live in Provincia de Buenos Aires (35 km from Ciudad de Buenos Aires), Argentina.
    I don’t understand what this noises are.
    Since I do not believe in paranormal stuff, it has to be a rational explanation…
    I didn’t hear anything strange in 2012 BUT…
    I’ve heard many strange explosions at night, between 2000 and 2010. First time I thought it was some kind of a militar activity going on here, but I’m sure that in four or five occasions the sounds were HUGE. That was not normal at all.
    My house was shaking! I feared it was an invasion (that’s not paranormal), or a Military Coup (remember, I live in Argentina), or…
    Whatever, that sounds were terrifying.
    My father heard this thing a couple of times, and he also was surprised…

  3. I live in Newquay, Cornwall in England. I noticed a strange rumbling sound from outside on Thursday the 20th, it was so loud I heard it over the TV. It sounded like a large plane going over, but was there constantly for around 40 mins, the sky was clear and i saw nothing ,then the same last night, I woke up at around 5am and heard the same. I saw on twitter and google a lot of people have heard a noise, described EXACTLY the same as me, all over the world! I’m freaked out! Someone please explain….

  4. I live in Toronto and I heard it as well. It went off roughly every three to seven minutes, lasting anywhere from a minute to ten seconds. Really odd since there were no planes, helicopters or anything overhead. Another odd things was the rumbling seemed to cause my skull to vibrate, but that might be because I’ve popped my eardrums before.

    And why isn’t this on the news? It is a worldwide event and it just happened to get to its zenith on the very night the Mayans said something would happen, other than them changing over to a new cycle.

  5. on 11/19/12 around 9:30 I heard two mysterious explosion sounds, police could find no evidence of an explosion. Bth were very loud, and similar to cannon fire. Police could not give an explanation to this, and do you think this could be the related? since my last post, my family has been hearing these noises. Also I heard from my aunt that a woman and her dog walking in the park heard booming, rumbling noises and now the dog is scared to go back to the park. Some very weird stuff going on

  6. Been going on for several weeks I’ve been noticing the SAME noises others have described here under the cover of darkness, or like today – the cover of clouds….

    Today it PEAKED in frequency & volume….I made a video about it:

    I am very sensitive to these things as in I can SENSE them….it felt like there were VERY large aircrafts and not just one …

    I just wanna know ugh it frustrates me I can’t

    oh by the way….I’m Chief Brand Officer of …and we have a lot of work to do 😉

    • Im in East Point, GA …RIGHT outside of Atlanta….it just went nightfall & it’s probably going to be pretty unnerving to hear all night hopefully there is some peace :-/

      Tomorrow is going to be very interesting…I should’ve gone with my gut and hid away in Jamaica for this month

  7. NW Montana here and I heard a long sound – like a distant jet. I have never heard this before. It lasted about 10 min and did not really fluctuate. I did notice several eagles flying over the lake as if the sound agitated them. The sound stopped and no more odd eagle behavior. This occurred about 2:00 pm MT – 12/20/12.

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