Strange booms continuously heard in Columbia County, Georgia, USA


December 14, 2012- Strange booms continuously heard in Columbia County, Georgia, USA

NBC 26 reports that the last week emergency calls about mysterious booms in Columbia County were followed on monday the 10th of December 2012 by another wave reporting strange boomswhich blasts even shaked houses. The source of these blasts remain unknown: no blasting and demolition were sheduled around the time the calls started Monday. And Columbia County isn’t the only place of the hearings of unusual thunder-like noises. As already published in a previous post, these mysterious explosions are not only heard in Columbia County but spread all over the US. A theory for these unexplained booms could be methane gas that has seeped into the earth and that’s along the coast from the gulf.–NBC26

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  1. I live in the North of France in a very isolated farmhouse far from city’s.
    I heard the strange booms for about a week every night in August 2012.
    The sound came from the West.


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