Compilation of Strange Sounds Around the World: Canada, USA, Great Britain – January 20-22 2013


Again, here I present an update on strange sounds and weird noises reported all over the world between the 20th and the 22nd of January 2013.

Thank you for your reports and take care.

Jan 20 2013 – Lake Erie, New York. I was woke up last night by a sound that could not have been thunder as we had no lighting. We are having somewhat of a snow storm. It woke me up and it sounded like a missile flying through the sky going towards Canada. I am by Lake Erie in NY. Years ago on two nights I heard something I thought was a UFO but was too scared to look out. It was on two consecutive nights and a neighbor heard it as well. I have not heard that since. The one last night was different.

Jan 20 2013 – Plaucheville, Louisiana. There was a strange explosion sound this afternoon in Plaucheville, Louisiana. It was like a loud boom and it shook homes . Everyone ran out side to see what happened. But nothing, no smoke or fire any where’s. Does anyone know what these sounds could be? this is the 2nd one we have had in the past couple of months. It just sounds like something exploded. But no reports of anything. So we would all like to know what it was! Plauheville is in the central part of the state in Avoyelles Parish.

Jan 20 2013 – Indianapolis, Indiana.North Burb of Indy……Early this a.m. like at 1:15 I heard a noise and thought it was a jet taking off. It wasn’t. It kept resonating, lower pitch, would go a little higher, then wind down again.. I thought it was the wind, but the trees weren’t swaying enough with the sound I was hearing, and they weren’t really moving at all. This went on for like an hour and the first time I heard it, it made me feel kind of ill.

Jan. 21 2013 – Leeds, UK. Leeds UK. I’ve been experiencing this since 2005 at night. At first, vibrations felt all over body, woke me. It could be at my feet, then my jaw, then in the centre of me. It would stop then. It was low frequency and nothing to alarm apart from not knowing what it was. I thought it was maybe a vehicle although it would be at night and no cars around. Later in 2007 it got to be annoying, it would wake me up and be focussed in my stomach, then other parts of my body, centre of my head. I would feel the floor, the bed, the walls and no shaking/vibration. I’ve ignored it due to this, I am a scientist. Then last year 2012 June, sounds overhead in the sky, booming sounds, not a plane but really loud and constant. The vibrations every night now stop me breathing and give me seizures and are intolerable. I now do a relaxation tape immediately which makes me sleep. This is like torture, but now part of my life. I will move but not sure where this is NOT happening now. I see so many reports all over the world. Tried to sleep downstairs last few days, through the day to catch up on sleep, and its started happening downstairs too, wakes me. Last few days the sound is very loud and through the daytime, my dog noticing it and looking at me scared. I’m not scared, going with the flow, I’m looking at it objectively and not attaching any unscientific meaning to it. Also 2.9 earthquake in Hathern this morning. May be linked, maybe not.

Jan 21 2013 – Saskatoon, Sakatchewan, Canada. Hello! I am from Saskatoon Saskatchewan (Canada) and I heard the sounds this morning at about 6:30am. I remember hearing about these sounds in the news last January and there is a news clip reporting them from my city. I was skeptical still as I don’t fully believe something until I see or hear it. This morning was very cold probably minus 23 out and so it’s hard to hear anything outside, plus we have lots of trains going by here in Saskatchewan. But I knew this was different. I ran downstairs and opened my front door and sure enough I finally heard the loud scraping/metallic sound that people have been describing. My partner and I both witnessed it, and I told him to run upstairs and get his phone to record the sounds…..but it was too late and it was freezing out so we just went back to bed. I have to say the sounds are the strangest I have ever heard in my life!!

Jan 21 2013 – USA. I hear a low-pitched hum in the sky that has been persisting for over an hour now, I even hear it coming over the police scanner.

I have visualized using a line from my house to HAARP to verify if the sound was coming from the direction of HAARP.


I live in west central IN, and over the last couple of nights there has been a “hum” in the air.

Unsure if this is distance noise from some other structure or not, but I am not familiar with it.

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  1. We hear these muffled explosion sounds in Pendleton Kentucky which is about 30 miles north of louisville. Last time was around mid March 2013.

  2. heard a thunder boom like sound today in barbourville ky around 1:00pm the news isnt sure what it was yet alot of countys around mine heard it also some thought it might have been a earthqauke but no sign of one

  3. We’ve gotten several reports of a loud noise heard in several Kentucky counties.Today on January the 23rd.It sounded like an explosion. Happened a little after 1 and about an hour later at 2:08 it was stronger the first time and rattled the house.

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