Loud Fireball Explosion Reported in North Kanto Area, Japan – January 20 2013

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meteor explosion in the sky of Japan – January 20 2013

January 20 2013 – Japan. Meteors are observed almost everyday. However a good quality footage of such events is very rare although more and more cameras are pointing at the sky to help astronomers, physicians and other cosmochemists to describe the trajectory of the celestial stone and predict with a precision of about 1m, where the meteorite hit the ground. As you will show in the footage, the fireball and its explosion were caught by several cameras in different perpectives. Moreover witnesses report some kinds of loud noise (sonic booms?) accompanying the fall. Would it mean that a piece of this stone reached the ground? We will know this in a few days, if meteorite hunters find something. Well, meanwhile, just enjoy these movies. – Fukushima Diary

The movie I am talking about in the post – Source

An impressive video of this same meteor strike – Youtube

This last video is weirder but I think it also represents the meteorite fall – From the weather cameras of Abiko

Sleep well and try to catch your falling star!

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