Federal Funds to Map the Low Frequency Windsor Hum (Canada) – January 21 2013


January 21 2013 – Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Colin Novak, professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Windsor, talks on Monday, Jan. 21 2013, about the federally funded project ($60,000) to map and determine the source of the mysterious humming vibration in Windsor, Ontario, the so-called Windsor hum, by using a pentangular array.
The source of this noise might be a mill on Zug Island (U.S side of the Detroit river), which at times rattles homes.
This study will be supervised by researchers from the University of Western Ontario and the University of Windsor. – The Globe and Mail

Some additional information about the Hum.

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  1. I would suggest you take your equipment to a place close to a potential “plate” fault area.I think you will find the best possibility for your test. If you have a magnometer.. I would suggest combine both.If you find something.. please let me know the readings… then I will suggest some information to show you.


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