Creepy Strange Sounds and Strange Lights in the Sky Over Gällivare, Sweden – January 15 2013


These loud and creepy eerie noises were recorded on the 15th of January 2013 during a walk in a Swedish forest near Gällivare. Although it seems coming from a loud speaker, the people who caught the video were in the middle of nowhere… Nothing but just trees around. Well if we look the web and search for animal screams you have some samples which are pretty similar to what we are hearing in this video.

However, at the same time the sound was recorded, someone living in Gällivare took pictures of strange lights in the sky. Were these two events related? What do you think?

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  1. Around two weeks ago in the phoenix AZ area I heard an unusual sound beyond the rumbling, vibration sounds. It sounded like a heavy metal door sliding across a floor sound. Reminded me of the engine room on ships that make similar groaning sounds. Seconds after the vibration I felt was so scary. I expected my house to fall into a sinkhole. It seemed that bad. My dogs keep crying and looking to me for protection from ‘something’. You can feel the earth vibrations stronger when standing on concrete than grass or dirt. My garage floor is covered in thin spider vein like cracks that happened within the last two years.

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