Strange Sounds Updates – January 20-23 2012


Elk City Booms – Jan 20. A series of loud booms heard in and around Elk City are a mystery to authorities. Booms are loud enough it shakes windows on houses. – Daily Elk Citian

Great Falls – Jan 20-23. “Booms” baffle Great Falls residents. Some of the booms heard on Wednesday are due to “explosive detonations” that are being conducted by Security Forces personnel. – KRTV

West Morristown – Jan 20. Cave-in may have caused odd booms heard on West side. The loud booms and shaking experienced Monday morning was too localized to be an earthquake and the U.S. Geological Survey had no data indicating an earthquake had occurred. – citizentribune

Chitungwiza in Zimbabwe. Jan 22. massive explosion yesterday at the home of a local tribal “sorcerer” (known here as witchdoctors) – altereddimensions

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  1. today Feb. 12, 2013, around 4pm in Morristown Tn there were flashes of bright lights and 4 sets of booming noises accompanied by shaking as in a quake. The first one was the largest and the rest were lesser, like after shocks. It bounced the rear end of a school bus off the edge of the road into the ditch at the corner of Witt Rd and Watkins Chapel Rd. Many people have felt this but the national weather service based in Morristown cannot give an explanation, neither can the news stations. It is making us feel like there is a cover up.

  2. I live in the UK and on the night of 22nd January 2013 at about 10-10:30 in the evening there was an almighty loud boom with a bright flash of light which shook the windows of my home. the way the windows shook was like a shock wave hitting them. the bang was like a gunshot going off in my ear almost and my windows were closed. I have looked all over the internet looking for an explanation but have arrived at nothing. but considering it was the same sort of time as the reports above maybe there is a connection?

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