Recurrent loud and mystery booms in Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky (Tri State: WFIE) – January 9 2013


January 9 2013 – Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. After tuesday evening, the Tri-State experienced again the loud explosion booms yesterday evening, the 9th of January 2013. Again, any residents could also feel vibrations accompanying the strong noise. At this point, the source of the sound remains an unexplained mystery. The geologists say it is not coming from earthquakes, the US Air Force says the cause is not planes breaking the sound barrier (sonic booms), and the astronomers say the source is not Space. Well then Are these noises related to the B52 bombing tests in the Utah desert?


14 News, WFIE, Evansville, Henderson, Owensboro

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  1. I live at the foothills in North Carolina. My buddy an I were watching tv and heard a loud boom which shook the house. We thought we were getting bombed so we run outside to make sure and there was nothing we seen neighbors outside doing the same thing as us its jus weird not knowing what caused it . Hope somebody figures it out .

  2. I live in Central Wisconsin. I was awaken several nights by loud booming, but living near two military bases, we hear loud booming on quite a regular basis, but not usually during the winter. I wonder if I was hearing these?? Anyone else in Wisconsin hear them? I heard them in the very early morning hours.

  3. I live in London ky.. Around 4:30 to 7:00 I heard a total of three what sounded like explosions. I called my neighbor heard the same thing.. First I’ve ever heard it bothered me so much I googled boom noises in ky.. Thinking maybe the news had an explanation and ran across this site with many others about the noise scarred i am ..

  4. Guys,

    I believe these booms and wailing sounds are from massive energetic entropic particles expelled from the sun during solar flares and CMEs. I have been tracking their orbital paths for the past month. They are orbiting at hundreds of miles/second through the atmosphere. I believe they are entering the Earth at the site of the large sinkhole in Ohio. All of my research is on my blog @

  5. I live in South Bend IN, around 1 am this morning 1/16/2003 I heard three consecutive thunder strikes but it sounded like a higher pitched strike. I’m not easily alarmed and this sound was foreign and gave me the creeps.

  6. I am from Henderson Kentucky and I heard the noise around 1:24 a.m Friday morning 1/11/13. I have never heard a noise that way. I literally thought something bad was going to happen afterwards.

  7. I live in my Vernon Illinois and work at the general tire recycling center in the plant on the overnight shift I was able to hear these sounds over the outdoor trash compactor Thursday and was quite puzzled over its orgins. On Jan 3rd my mother told me of a strange helicopter that emitted strange lights but with no sounds of a helicopter in the vicinity of summersville unknown if the 2 are connected

  8. i live in iowa castana iowa now heard the report of these loud boom and i listen to them on online my GOD WHAT GOING ON HERE U GUYS ARE WORRY AND MAKE ME WORRY MORE ABOUT IF I HEAR ONE OF THESE BOOM OH BOY I BE SO scared. U GUYS HANG IN THEIR LET HOPE SOMEONE HAVE THE answer FOR THIS LET HOPE SO.

  9. I heard the booms on Monday night 25 miles east of evansville indiana, but also last night between 6 & 8 pm while unloading my car, I saw two “planes” with many, flashing, multi-colored lights flying 50 yds above the tree tops, as if in formation. They were probably no more than 200 yrds from my house. Its a rural area with little to no low flying air traffic. There was no sound at all. I say planes, because I can’t explain it any other way, but I did not see any structured craft. Just the flashing lights. I’d like to know if anyone else saw the same things.

  10. im 90+ miles away from the Utah west desert bombing areas and my house shook. it also shook a few times BEFORE the booms that are being reported. a friend who is 60 miles away from me reported the same thing.

  11. I am awake and can’t sleep..the noise I heard about 30-40 min ago has me very worried. It’s not a boom at all!! IT’S AN INTENSE CRASHING EXPLOSION SOUND. TERRIFYING! (Evansville imdiana)

    • They are bombing in the Utah Desert, could it be related? Otherwise nobody knows yet what these noises are! Sorry!

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