Strange Hum At Night – North Caldwell, New Jersey – January 27 2013


This reverberating noise would also annoy me! People in North Caldwell, New Jersey are hearing this loud humming sound every night but they are unsure of the source and of the cause. It sounds like a freight train engine on a continuous loop. Every once and awhile it sounds like it is powering down and then back up again. Very strange and annoying. Usually most prevalent after 10:00 pm EST. Thank you for your report!

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  1. Here in Portland, OR, I just heard, what sounded like multiple jets hovering over my house. The sound last for roughly 5 minutes. When I went outside to look, there was nothing directly over my house but yet it sounded extremely loud.

  2. Exact same thing here in Rhodes, Greece! Same time as well! That only tells one thing…whatever this is…it’s huge…

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