Strange Sounds Compilation: Alice, Texas; Fish Creek, Georgia; Cary, North Carolina; Grayville, Illinois – Jan 26 2013


Alice, Texas – January 26 2013. A suspicious loud noise or explosion was heard about 10:30 p.m. Saturday by residents in Alice, but law enforcement officials haven’t been able to pinpoint the source. Some reports said it came from the southside area and others said it was near the Alice airport. But sources so far have not located anything. Alice fire officials said they haven’t been notified of any explosion or accident. – Topix

Fish Creek, Georgia – January 26 2013. A loud noise that could be heard in central Polk County Saturday night doesn’t appear to have been anything serious. Authorities don’t know what the noise might have been. Military aircraft? – The Fish Wrap

Loud Booms and construction sounds in Cary, North CarolinaWRAL

Grayville, Illinois – January 26 2013. Oil explosion rattles Grayville Illinois. – Tristatehomepage Look the video!

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