Strange Sounds in Salem Massachussetts, USA – January 5 2013


January 5 2013 – Salem, Massachussetts, USA. Many residents of Salem reported saturday morning at around 1:30 A.M. large booms around the center of the city. In parallel, some houses and building shook. The source remains however unexplained and thus a mystery. Did you hear the loud explosions in Salem early Saturday morning? What are yout theories about the weird sounds? Fireworks? cannons from boats in the harbor? Exploding electrical transformers? UFOs? Geological processes under the city? Thank you for your help! – Salem Patch

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  1. Guys,

    I know what these are. No kidding or joking. I have already sent a copy of my research to NASA, NOAA and USGS. These are massive energetic entropic particles orbiting overhead at hundreds of miles/second. They get expelled from the sun during solar flares and CME’s. My research is on my blog at

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