Strange Sounds from the Sky in Calgary, Alberta, Canada – January 16 2013


January 16 2013 – Calgary, Canada. This is very good record of the roaring noise being heard around the globe within the last 2 weeks. Metalic, reverberating as if a plane was flying by. The recorder however does not give any hint about its possible origin. The weird noises were started at around 12:30 PM and were caught on tape at 1:00 PM. Temperature was 37F and the wind speed: 7 MPH.


  1. i live in saddleridge near the light of christ school where there is a green space. i’m telling you this weird sound is driving me crazy. sometimes it is so loud like there’s a factory in the area. this phenomena is being heard around the world too.

  2. Sorry typo there didn’t mean to put the word slides in my post .. Anyway it sounds likely to me as if the area is being probed this is my theory these sounds are not just a strange phenomenon

  3. heard by me also just now are slides sounding like something hovering over my place 430 am Tuesday morning 2013 no helicopter in sight right now it’s coming back sounds like something flying go outside and there’s nothing around its a deep pulsing sounds shakes the house it has to be foreign not of this world I’ve noticed sounds like this repeatedly I live 1 block from market mall

  4. Thanks for posting this. I noticed this same noise/vibration coming from “sky” at 5:00am January 21st. It is constant and still going. I live in Bridgeland on the hill and its really loud, especially at night when Im trying to sleep. If anyone has any ideas of what could be causing this, please comment. G.

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