Violent Landslide Threatens Scarborough homes, North Yorkshire, UK, 2009 – 2013


A wonderful spot of England is being destructed by landslide since 2009. Nowadays, some inhabitants live a nightmare since their second homes have been condemned for demolition following a landslip that pushed them dangerously close to the edge of a cliff. Permanent residents also start to get scared about the situation. The source of the landslide may be a pipe jointly used by Yorkshire Water and McCain. The following videos were recorded by the team around Rachel Bullock, a journalist working for itv.

Full Report

Full Report: Landslip threatens Scarborough homes from ITV Tyne Tees on Vimeo.

The Spot

View from the Scarborough landslip from ITV Tyne Tees on Vimeo.

A Witness Talks

Scarborough landslip “is a disaster” from ITV Tyne Tees on Vimeo.

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