Amazing Nature Spectacle: Bird Swarm Ballet in the Sky of Istanbul – Republic of Turkey


This video features a bird swarm ballet in the sky of Istanbul!

Watch this amazing nature spectacle!

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Humboldt Sentinel

Last January, a huge flock of starlings blackened the sky over Istanbul. It seems that the birds fly synchronous to the muezzin’s prayer. Yes, I would have liked to be there. An amazing nature spectacle! These birds are most probably starlings leaving the hard winter in Europe for milder temperatures in the Republic of Turkey. In this footage, they are at least tens of thousands, if not over a hundred thousand. Beautiful! These flight ballets happen on a daily basis in Europe. However such a large concentration of birds is very rare.

In 2009, a huge swarm of half a million birds was visible in the sky over Sacramento:

In Denmark, this natural phenomenon has a name… It is called “Black Sun”

But the largest ever recorded was in the sky over Rome, Italia: about 10 mio birds:

Pretty cool videos, no?

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