Weird Earth Phenomenon: Weird-Looking Purple Spheres Found in the Arizona Desert


weird looking purple spheres found in the arizona desert

A few days ago, a couple stumbled upon mystery and weird purple spheres in the Arizona desert, exactly near a town called Vale, just southeast of Tucson. These purple marbles look like nothing they had ever seen before. Their source remains undefined and unexplained and nobody knows how they exactly ended up in the Arizona desert. It seems that these strange spheres ooze out a water substance when squished and shine as if they were coming from another world, out of this world. Extraterrestrial origin?

From a biological point of view (and probably the best explanation until now!) the purple spheres might be either slime mold, or jelly fungus. They may also be nothing more than water absorbing jelly balls (a.k.a. deco balls, water pearls, and polymer pearls), which are available for sale at a lot of earth-based stores. Well why would you ever buy so many of these deco balls to spread them later in the desert? Well before getting laboratory results concerning these mystery balls, enjoy this new mystery earth phenomenon.

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  1. Wow Thats Unreal, After reading how close it is to Tucson I wonder if they are somehow related to the ” Tucson Booms ” Heard today 8 hours ago 27/2/13 – some weird things going on around there

  2. those damn aliens! was this supposed to be some kinda prank?!?! leaving purple balls in some hole in the DESERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well I NEVER!!!!

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