How Many Times has the World Ended? – Apocalypse Infographic


How many times has the World ended?

Look at this funny doomsday apocalyptic infographics.

2012 was not the first expected and predicted apocalyptic end of the world.

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In looking at just how many apocalypse predictions there have been throughout history (and there have been a lot), it’s interesting to consider some of the psychology that goes on behind these predictions, and what makes so many people believe them time and time again.

The fact is, people have been spouting end-times predictions for several centuries, and some of those predictions can be pretty quirky. What’s quirkier, however, is that for some reason, there seems to always be a following of people who don’t just believe these zany predictions, they seem to be disappointed when they don’t come true.

Whether this is chalked up to religious fanaticism, pack mentality, or just a general sense of paranoia, remains to be seen. But for whatever the reason, people from all through history seem obsessed with the end of the world, and the following infographic takes a look at some of the wackiest predictions ever made. – Online Psychology Degree

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