Sorry Scientists: The Loud Booms in Girard, Ohio are Most probably Related to Seismic Activity – February 2 2013


A loud booming noise was reported in Girard, Ohio Wednesday afternoon at around 4:30PM on the Girard facebook page. Although scary and still unexplained, city officials do not plan to investigate these noises. Another mysterious noise… It is enough now!

I must say, I believe they are triggered by moving plates (Madrid Fault?, mid continental rift?), so by plate tectonic movements inducing rumblings and probably tiny earthquakes. However city officials say this explosion-like sound cannot be related to an earthquake in the area since the very high sensitive USGS seismographs (record already a magnitude 1 earthquake) did not record any earthquakes around Girard.

But wait a minute… Seismic activity was recorded near Columbus, Ohio (Lamont-Doherty Cooperative Seismographic Network) at around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, just about half an hour before the reported loud noises. Are they linked? Most probably since police and fire crews did not report any calls for service during that time frame (so it is not a house explosion, car explosion or anything like this). – Vindy


  1. I have been tracking lots of energetic orbiting particles into Dover, Ohio. They are expelled from the sun during solar flares and CMEs and can cause sonic booms, sinkholes and seismic activity, as well as low pressure systems in the atmosphere

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