Outrageous! Insurers won’t renew homeowner’s policies of residents evacuated due to Louisiana sinkhole


Residents have no control on the enlarging Louisiana sinkhole. Last month, some had to evacuate their homes. Now insurers want to cancel their homeowner’s policies because they left their houses vacant more than 30 days. Outrageous! Shame on you! Everybody needs insurance covers. But yes… It is always a question of money… Where insurances see too much risks, they disappear! Louisiana sinkhole residents… Fight for your rights!

Here the source: “The Louisiana Department of Insurance is investigating reports that insurers are not renewing homeowner’s policies of residents evacuated due to the large sinkhole in Assumption Parish. Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon told The Advocate that his office has not received a formal complaint but has been asked by the parish Police Jury to look into the matter. In interviews with two evacuated residents and parish officials in the past two weeks, the newspaper reports some said insurers were not renewing or had threatened not to renew their policies because their homes had been left vacant for more than 30 days. Residents also reported agents asked them to consider policies designed to cover vacant dwellings. In February 2013, Louisiana lawmakers are planning a joint meeting of the Senate and House Natural Resources committees to discuss about the sinkhole in northern Assumption Parish.” – WDSU

In th meanwhile read news at the Sinkhole Bugle!

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