Recurent Booming Noises in Oahu, Hawaii Most Probably Related to Army Training – January 31 2013


Late Wednesday nigh, residents of Oahu, Hawaii experienced loud booms. These may be related to the 25th Infantry Division artillery training at Schofield Barracks. People around the base will keep hearing these noises until mid-February officials say. Here the brief army statement:”We recognize concerns voiced by the community about our training at night, and last night, we didn’t do good job of informing the community. Units are training on Schofield through mid-February. There’s the potential for noise at night, and we are working closely with our units for specific dates, times, and ways to mitigate this impact. We appreciate the community’s patience and understanding, and we will work diligently to make sure all our neighbors are kept well informed.” – Hawaiinewsnow

This also happened on the continent! Army gets some of our taxes, but do not care about us! Where is the problem?




  1. No way is it the training out in Wahiawa….I hear it all day in Manoa, and my friend heard it loud all night in Kahaluu. in addition….I have been in Waianae when they are practicing and its hardly that loud when your out there, no way it reverberated throughout the island. something is going on…….major booms on the east coast as well.

  2. I heard them- no one seemed to but me, for hours and hours.
    I’ve heard some this Saturday, too.
    There is no adult around me who could care.
    They can’t answer “what’s that- did you hear that?”
    Animals hear it- their ears turn to it.
    I’m glad to hear a few HOMO SAPIENS are alive and questioning the obvious. THANX. PJ in Honolulu

    • I’ve had to calm our neighbors dog too many times because of this and still no explanation. The dog has serious panic attacks but apparently that is of no concern to the Army who still has failed to notify the public in any way. The sad part is that I live in Aiea – nearly 30 miles away and the booms are so strong that you can feel it in our house.

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