Strange sounds and landslide compilations: Mullbury, Florida, Fond du lac, Wisconsin, China, UK – Feb 2013


First, I found this interesting information first about the Benton and the New Madrid fault: Back in the 90’s the US geological services did a dig near my home and found another fault line that runs east off the New Madrid fault to the Mississippi river. They Named it the Benton fault. It sits atop of Crowley’s Ridge in Southeast Missouri. Could explain some loud booms in Missouri and other states around. – god like production

Loud booming noises in Mullbury, Florida – February 16 2013.The Ledger

Loud explosion in Fond du lac, Wisconsin – February 18 2013. Seems to come from ice. – FDL reporter

Guizou Province loud noise and landslide – February 18 2013. A huge landslide 100 meters away from a coal mine (Ping Di) struck on Monday morning in Longchang Township in the city of Kaili (Guizhou Province), burying six work sheds of the coal mine. Five persons are missing (2 children). When the landslide happened, about 20 coal miners were doing preparation work inside for the restart of work after Chinese New Year. Hearing the loud sound, all of them rushed out safely. About 80 residents living around the area were evacuated. – China

Hatfield Colliery landslide update – UK February 13 2013. A devastating landslip at the Hatfield Colliery has caused massive damage and disruption to a major train line resulting in the cancellation of all services between Doncaster, Scunthorpe and Goole for up to two months. – the landslide blog

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