Strange sounds phenomenon is back: Weird noises in the sky in Round O, South Carolina – February 27 2013


Are the strange sounds from the sky starting again? Weren’t they only a way for companies to make lots of money on the 21.12.12? Well, residents of Round O, South Carolina recorded on Tuesday at around 8 p.m. an engine running or low-pitched screaming strange noise coming from the sky with their smartphone. But the recorder says no wind was blowing. Round O is actually a very quiet place and this person lives there since 20 years, in the same house. It is the first time he has heard something like this! The strange sounds was still going around 11 p.m. – News 2

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Recorder description of the strange sound: “Kind of like a droning sound, maybe slightly like a grinding. I kept thinking it was maybe like an engine or something, but it’s just very odd. It’s just the fact that we don’t know what it is, maybe some kind of a weather thing.” Do not be so sure man: A storm meteorologist says he can’t think of a weather-related explanation.

Here is what the recorder says about his video: “First of all, upon contacting News 2, I “never” claimed to have any conclusive audio of the strange sounds my family and I heard. In fact, I was entirely truthful about the inconclusiveness of the rough cell phone clips that I had taken. I do not own fancy audio recording equipment, perhaps Santa Claus (Mr. Kear) can bring me some for Christmas next year instead of his sarcasm. What I took with my phone are substandard audio clips which are a poor representation of what we actually heard. They don’t do it any justice, and that’s for sure. And for the record, I never claimed that it was either aliens, a second coming thing, or any kind of testing. I simply stated that I don’t know what it is and that it was “odd.” Unfortunately, all we have to convey what we heard are a few adjectives and some hypotheses. News 2 was only contacted to share our story and see if anyone else may have experienced the strange noises. But if it floats your boat to draw your own conclusions, please do so, in fact, I encourage it, but make sure your drawings are above par. Do not insult my intelligence, as it only really highlights one’s feeble mind. I live in the country and I am fully aware of the many sounds that nature shares, such as the animals and the insects. I am familiar with them, and I can assure you that I am an educated man and not just some ignorant “redneck” which is an assumption that some fools will probably try to run with. The bottom line is that we know what we heard. Whether anyone doubts my story is of absolutely no importance to me. Everyone has his freedom of speech, which is a wonderful thing. I implore anyone to share their feelings, which is why I have decided to share mine and defend the integrity of my family. There is my “official” side of the story. Now run freely with it my darlings, just do so with merit, and have mercy on the readers.


  1. I am in greenville, Sc. I’m just here briefly and for 1st time so don’t know how far from you I am. One wk ago at 1 am I was parked in a large business lot..only person in there..aside from 3 vacant vehicles here and there. and heard a strange sound myself. It sounded like a metallic vibration. at first I compared it to a pan lid vibrating , but then thought , “no, It sounds like it does when someone runs their finger around the edges of a crystal or tibetan bowl, with an on and off, on and off tone. It was around a middle G in tone. It went on for a few minutes, maybe 8-10 times, then stopped. I was in a quiet part of town, no traffic and most were in bed..a wk night, I think.

    I thought to myself, ‘I hope I’m not being scanned by something!”
    I have been reading about these sounds for about 9 months now and listening to them on YouTube or I may not have even noticed really nor paid attention.
    I had not..until seeing the comments below..heard the drone theoryo
    I have heard:” HAARP, UFO’s, solar flares causing sounds in atmosphere, electromagnetic interference from radiowaves, etc.
    I have thought myself It is most likely reverberations from the HAARP activity..though I know very little about that..other than they send a million or billion microwaves into the ionesphere to change weather and this could be the aftermath.
    But one man whose comments I read yesterday said that it would not be HAARP and he sounded informed. I’m not convinced though.

    I think it ‘s something our gov’t is doing..wrongfully..never mess with nature! Either that or new alien ships since all the others are mostly almost silent.

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