Video about the mysterious sonic booms that rattled Tucson, Arizona on February 27 2013


Update: “Booms”, reported between 7:40 and 7:50 near Tucson, Arizona, remain a mystery across Southern Arizona since neither the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, Tucson Police, Tucson Fire and Davis-Monthan, nor Northwest Fire could confirm a source for the noise. The Pima County Sheriff’s Department also contacted agencies other agencies including nearby mines, the Pinal Army National Guard, Tucson International Airport, Southwest Gas, El Paso Gas, TEP, even Luke Air Force Base west of Phoenix, to no avail. A real-time look at the USGS map of seismic activity showed nothing in Arizona. No damages, but I am not buying that crappy sonic boom theory at all. I prefer earth changes, or some new military tests and trainings. Hope we will know soon! To know more about the Tucson booms, click here!

loud booms, new madrid fault and moving eart picture

This is also an interesting point from a follower on my facebook page: Telemetry signals were all over the world stations during that Tucson boom. I’m a meteorologist at the NBC station in Tucson and the radio waves may have something to do with all the noise in NC… SD CA… AZ


  1. I reside in Arizona City. I thought someone had kicked my door down last night. I just heard it again about 10:10AM, Febuary 28. It was not as loud this time.

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