Water main loud explosion causes flooding and sinkholes in South Middleton Township, Pennsylvania – February 12 2013


Weird things are happening in the US these days. In the early morning hours of Tuesday (3 a.m.), a water main loud explosion caused flooding and sinkholes in and around different residential houses in Boiling Spring, Pennsylvania. The entire village of Boiling Springs was without water when the break occurred, but now the outage is confined to a two block radius of the break. This event was accompanied by popping noises and windows shaking. Cracks formed in the foundation at the rear of houses and sinkholes are beginning to show around houses. The break was repaired by Tuesday afternoon.

Well now we can discuss about the cause. Was the cast iron pipe too old? Or is Earth particularly active in this area of the United states? It seems that sinkholes are common in the area. During the present event, a sinkhole ended up opening underneath a fire official’s truck, which had to be pulled away from the area. Well, I must say, the second origin hypothesis (an active earth, probably combined to bad quality pipes) seems to go in the right direction.

Sinkholes are now full of water so be safe! – Cumberlink

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