Largest ever man-made earthquake: 5.6 Oklahoma quake which destroyed 14 homes is due to oil drilling


prague oklahoma earthquake due to drilling

Is drilling dangerous? A report out today in the journal “Geology” concludes that a large earthquake in Prague, Oklahoma in 2011 was caused by oil drilling and the storage of waste-water deep underground. If you can remember the 5.6 quake was felt across 17 states (over hundreds of miles), injured two people, buckled a highway, destroyed 14 properties.
The conclusion of this report contradicts that of state seismologists who said it occurred naturally. No, Really?

oklahoma earthquake is a man-made quake due to drilling

If the results of this research are right, this huge quake would represent the US largest man-made earthquake ever recorded and raise many questions over the storage of waste-water from oil production underground. – Daily Mail

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drilling can cause massive earthquake

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