Loud Boom Advisory: Late Night Firing At Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington State – March 15 to 22 2013


Joint Base Lewis-McChord is conducting late-night firing until Friday March 22 2013. The firing, which takes place midnight to midnight, started last Monday. The loud booms heard are due to M777 howitzer, demolitions and C4. The firing is for soldiers to maintain their proficiency with this type of weapon system. Increased levels of activity are during the evening hours, and firing will be conducted from more than one range on base. This is normally scheduled and required training, which allows military members to practice and improve skills required during combat.

As often as possible, JBLM conducts larger-scale demolition training and artillery firing at JBLM Yakima Training Center in an effort to minimize inconvenience for the surrounding communities. However, some training must take place on base. Questions or comments about noise may be directed to the JBLM Public Affairs Office’s External Communication Division hotline at 253-967-0852. – Yelmon Line

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  1. They ignore complaints about the nuisance noise. It is pointless stupidity. The U.S. has very little liberty. It is the worst here it has ever been in history. The U.S. military is not defending us because the president lies and is trying to hurt, not help. They lie and say they are fighting ISIS when they are actually helping ISIS. It took Putin and Russia to make the lie obvious to everyone.

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