Loud Booms And Explosions In Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Mexico, Arizona – March 16 2013


Conyngham Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania: A family is forced to leave its home after a furnace explosion – March 16 2013WNEP

Jeffersonville, Fayette County, Ohio loud explosion – March 16 2013

Loud booms were heard around noon saturday march 16 2013 in Jeffersonville, Ohio. The owner of Barker’s Towing and Recovery and Tire Shop, was using a blow torch and was working on a barrel when something caused it to explode. The origin of the explosion is still unclear. The explosion was reportedly heard two miles away. – Fayette Advocate

Loud booms in Phoenix, Arizona probably due to gas explosion – March 16 2013

Neighbors reported hearing explosions followed by smoke from a house in Phoenix on Saturday morning. Although the source is still unexplained, officials believe the explosion was caused by exploding gas since it sounded like the explosion came from the inside. Morover, the structure, with some of the brick walls laying to the outside tells there was some type of explosion from the inside blasting outwards. Scary! – My Fox Phoenix

Propane tank explosion in Albuquerque, New Mexico – March 16 2013

No injuries but probably large damages – ABQjournal

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