Loud Booms Heard Before US Navy Plane Crash In Washington State: 3 Deads – March 11 2013


army plane crash in Washington

Loud boom preceded smoke from Prowler’s training flight – March 12 2013 DavenportHarrington
A twin-engine jet crashed into an Eastern Washington wheat field and exploded just before 9 a.m. Monday. A black cloud of smoke was seen by residents as far as 20 miles away. The cause of the crash had not been determined. The crash left a streak of blackened field that began with a crater and produced a primary debris field measuring roughly 500 yards by 300 yards.

Witnesses said they heard a plane flying low overhead and soon after, a loud boom, something like a sonic boom, that shook their homes (some believed it was an earthquake). After going outside for inquiries, they saw smoke smoke rising from the crash. Moreover, they do not believe the first sound was the jet because, usually, the training jets just scream by overhead. It wasn’t that loud. The second boom was that of the explosion. – Spokesman

So there were 2 different booms during this event. What about the first one? What was the first one?

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