Strange Sounds And Loud Booms Heard Over The US: New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia – March 12 2013


Loud boom in NE Wake Co. NC – March 12 2013

I’m washing dishes with my wife tonight, when we both heard a loud boom outside. I look at the clock and it reads 10:05. “Is that a tornado?” she asks. I open the window and the boom is starting to subside. It sounds like it’s coming from Louisburg or Youngsville direction. It sounded like reasonably-far thunder. There’s not rain in the forecast. Anyone else hear that? – God like production

Loud boom in Orchard Way and Warren shook houses and windows – March 12 2013.

map of booms in Orchard way and Warren

Residents from Orchard Way and Warren reported hearing a rumbling sound at about noon on March 12 2013. Officials say they were related to blasting at Weldon Materials’ Berkeley Heights quarry (3 miles out of Warren). Here a map showing the location of the company and the places where people called from to reports booms. – Warren Patch

Mysterious loud booms heard in Botetourt County, Virginia may be related to Police blastings – March 12 2013 (Video)

TROUTVILLE, Va.— It seems that officials have found the origin of loud the booming noises reported within the Botetourt County around Troutville on March 12 2013. They may have been the result of blasting of unexploded ordnance (a type of military explosives or ammunition) at the range of Camp 25, a former prison along Stoney Battery Road in Troutville. – WDBJ7

Fireworks display may explain booms heard in Taylors, Greer and downtown Greenville, SC – March 12 2013

A fireworks display at Bob Jones University on Tuesday night might explain the loud booms that people heard in the Greenville area. – Fox Carolina

I am not buying all of these officials causes! What about you?


  1. I buy Some of it, but not most of it. What military , police, or any other institution/officials would just explode stuff, without making a 2 second phone call Beforehand to local news stations so the good people of those areas are not needlessly frightened?
    Such a protocol should be followed nationwide, by publishing ahead of time,
    exactly the scheduled times detonations/training exercises, sonic booms, etc, that will take place, so the public can match up the sounds with the announced times given by any such agencies who claim responsibility for these sounds. I would think such info would Not need to be “top secret”, since everyone in that area will hear it anyway. Atleast that way,the cause of some of the booms could be clearly identified as man made, thus eliminating public alarm, meanwhile all the rest of the booms/strange sounds, can lie quietly in the “it’s a mystery ” abyss.

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