Loud Booms In North Little Rock, Sherwood, Cabot, Arkansas, Associated To Army Trainings – March 2013


It is weird! We mostly get loud booms’ explanation after they happened. It would be most easier for us to get a notice in advance if they are really related to army trainings or other construction blastings! Keep this in mind officials!

camp robinson arkansas march 2013

So it seems that the loud booms which shook your windows and your houses at night this week in Central Arkansas (around North Little Rock, Sherwood, Cabot) were related to exercises at Camp Robinson. Due to weather conditions, noises could travel farther than usual. They will continue until Saturday night (March 16 2013).

The Arkansas National Guard conducts up to 10 of these training classes every year. The US Army typically puts out noise alerts to notify the individuals in the general area. – KATV

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  1. Ok, so folks are suddenly calling in from over 30 miles away, with their homes shaking from these national guard classroom training exercises, that the National Guard says they have been conducting for years, and 10 times a year. Suddenly they say the weather might make the vibes/sound travel further. Specifically what kind of weather makes sound travel so much further, and what exactly were those weather conditions at that time? Then please tell us, what is the sound or explosive concussions doing to their training premises and soldiers , being they are at ground zero? Hmmmmmm.

    • They said the exact same bulls*it statement here in KY. obviously they are not training everywhere at the same time with weather conditions that make buildings shake miles away around the same time of day……

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