Loud Booms Schedule: Dynamite Seismic Testing Approved On Highland Township, Michigan – March 14 2013


highland township, oakland county booms and map march 2013

Residents who reported hearing loud booms all over Highland, Michigan, for the last several months may soon hear a lot more. A company (West Bay Geophysical) will be able to use dynamite for seismic testing to maybe discover gas and oil in the area. Before starting blasting, the company has to show a copy of the insurance certificate and to notify the fire department and area residents of days and times testing will be conducted. It was determined last month that the booms residents heard were from the company, which has been working in the area along land belonging to Oakland County. The dynamite should not build large crater (this depends however on how stabil the ground is at this place…)

These testings are just to find out if there is anything in the area (we are not dummies guys: if you find something you will directly drill and fracking will occur. If oil was found, the township owns 25 percent of the property’s mineral rights while the state owns the other 75 percent. – White Lake Patch

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