Mysterious Booms Compilation: New Mexico, Illinois, Texas, California, Washington – March 17 to 18 2013


Almost always in the same US areas:

loud booms, new madrid fault and moving eart picture

Unexplained Loud Booms in Alburquerque, New Mexico – March 18 2013

Over the past couple nights I have been hearing unexplained loud booms which sounded like explosions over Albuquerque, NM where I live. I have heard gun shots here before, but these are NOT gun shots. I have shot guns and lived in bad neighborhoods. I know what a gun sounds like and that was definitely not it. These sounds have been happening at random times, but always after dark. The first time I heard it was two nights ago. My friend and I were waling down the street and heard it. We thought it unusual, but figured somebody made a homemade grenade and kept walking. We saw a bunch of cops going there, so we figured it was just some kids. We then walked into Walgreens to get some ice cream. At the register, we heard another, louder one. It made the lights flicker a bit and I could have sworn the ground shook. A couple guys came in from outside and asked if we heard it. Then they told us the cops were going away from the sound. We couldn’t figure out what it was and went home. Then tonight, my dad and I were watching a movie when we heard it. It was coming from the same direction as last time. We went outside and looked at the horizon from our apartment balcony. There was no glow, which means no fire. This was not a normal explosion. We can’t figure out what the hell it was. As a background history, there was a comet in the sky around this time, there is a nearby airforce base, Sandia test labs is close, this city is famed for our nuclear power, and there was absolutely NOTHING about this on the news, or even the internet as far as I’ve looked. Can somebody please tell me what this was or maybe give me a link to something that can?

Mysterious Loud Booms In Southern Illinois – March 16 2013

Social media was abuzz this weekend following what is begin described as a “loud boom” that was heard all over Southern Illinois Saturday. The source of the noise is unknown and, according to some, has been recurring for the past several weeks. Loud and mysterious booms are being heard and felt around the region. For more than a month, the noise has been compared to a sonic boom, tannerite, shotgun, dynamite or cannon. The theories surrounding the source of the “loud bangs” range from fracking to supersonic jets, meteors and even the end-times. However, an official explanation has not been given, leaving residents baffled. Wanting answers, many have turned to their local media.
It wasn’t a gun or cannon. The noise is loud enough to scare our dog under the bed. People from as far east as Harrisburg and north of Mt. Vernon have heard and felt the same noise that I described. The West Frankfort Police Department said that they have not received any complaints regarding the issue. Further investigation finds these unidentified noises are taking place all over the country. Around the beginning of January people from Utah, Massachusetts, Alaska, Tennessee, Indiana and Florida have been contacting their local authorities and news media outlets regarding unexplained loud booms. At this point, nobody seems to know: The geologists say it’s not in the ground. The Air Force says it’s not in the air. The astronomers say it’s not from space. So we are running out of options. Southern Illinois and others in the tri-state area began reporting these loud noises as early as January 9.

Loud Booms In Fort Worth, Texas – March 18 2013

About 10:20 p.m. Monday, the old Weatherford Street bridge was demolished as planned. But for residents as far away as Arlington, the blast shook the ground, rattled windows and created a bit of a scare. Fort Worth 911 operators were overwhelmed with calls.

Here some comments: I just witnessed a loud quick booming noise laying in bed. It made my floor shake, and when I went outside to check it out, all my neighbors were standing outside too. I was on the Sofa with my Children when a loud Boom that made the windows rattle and house shake occurred . Does anyone have any idea of what occurred. I am in the HEB Area of Dallas Fort Worth. – Star Telegram

Loud Booms in San Luis Obispo County, California – March 18 2013

Residents from all over the Central Coast reported feeling shaking or hearing a loud boom. The mystery of this morning’s booming and shaking may have been solved. Probably a sonic boom created by a F-22, from Edwards Air Force Base, flying in the Western Pacific Test Range on an authorized test flight 50 miles west of the Vandenberg coastline. Today’s atmospheric condition allowed the boom to be heard and felt along the Central Coast. The USGS’s seismometers didn’t detect any earthquakes. – 920 KVEC

Mysterious Loud Booms in Arcata, California – March 17 2013

Arcata residents heard two loud extremely booms spaced minutes apart last night, Sunday, March 17. Some citizens say they were accompanied by a flash of light. According to Arcata Police, several reports were received around 11:52 p.m. from locations ranging from Bayside to the Windsong subdivision. One caller believed the explosions were caused by aerial fireworks. APD officers looked for the source of the noises but didn’t locate the source, and no additional booms were heard. Arcata Fire reports no calls or action regarding the matter. – Arcate Eyes.

Loud Booms from Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington State – March 15 to 22 2013

Joint Base Lewis-McChord is conducting late-night firing until Friday. The firing, which takes place midnight to midnight, started last Monday. The loud booms heard are due to M777 howitzer, demolitions and C4. The firing is for soldiers to maintain their proficiency with this type of weapon system. Increased levels of activity are during the evening hours, and firing will be conducted from more than one range on base. This is normally scheduled and required training, which allows military members to practice and improve skills required during combat. As often as possible, JBLM conducts larger-scale demolition training and artillery firing at JBLM Yakima Training Center in an effort to minimize inconvenience for the surrounding communities. However, some training must take place on base. Questions or comments about noise may be directed to the JBLM Public Affairs Office’s External Communication Division hotline at 253-967-0852. – Yelmon Line

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  1. Heard a loud explosion at 1:30 this morning 6/8/2014. Sounded like something hit the roof. It was really loud. No damage. What is going on? We live north of Mt. Vernon, Illinois.

  2. About once a week we here a loud boom here in Stephenville, TX (N. Central TX). Other parts of Texas, especially East Texas, are reporting the booms as well.

  3. I live in central IL….haven’t heard the booms, but in last several months I have been hearing the unexplained “humming” noises heard around the world. I personally think it’s the non-stop chemtrails they are spraying…I live about 5 miles from the Airport and several military bases. It sounds like a 747 is parked nearby just running. Right now, all windows are shut, because it’s very cold out….I can still hear it…sometimes it wakes me up. Whatever “they” are up to….I’m sick of it! Lived here for years, this is a new phenomenon.

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