Mystery Booms Across North Central Florida: Steinhatchee To Tampa Residents Are Baffled – March 21 2013


north central florida loud booms march 2013

Yesterday March 21 2013, we received reports from all over North Central Florida (Levy, Gilchrist and Alachua counties) from people concerned about two loud booms, similar to a pair of loud “sonic booms”, heard and felt a little after 9:00 PM. Although it seems they were created by army jets, their source is still unknown. An official at a state warning point hotline for the Florida Department of Emergency Management said the military are running special ops drills. Moreover, the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office also told the source of the sounds were military maneuvers, but couldn’t specify what they were. These booms could also be related to U.S. Navy bombing exercises at the Pinecastle Range in the Ocala National Forest or to activities at Cape Canaveral. – News Journal Online

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Here a link about loud booms in Florida last month


  1. […] Yesterday evening, a fireball was witnessed in many Florida’s counties. As previously presented here, meteorites can produce sonic booms while they enter atmosphere. So could some booms heard in NCF be related to this meteor fall? I would say that lots of things speak for this hypothesis (time and area at least!). Here the link to the Florida Booms. […]

  2. Woo-HOO! I saw the fireball from the Jacksonville area. My wife and I were driving south on US-17 from Orange Park, when we saw a bright green light streaking across the sky. I immediately recognized it as a meteoroid and it was falling toward the southwest. I could even see it pass through some upper level clouds as it faded toward the southwestern horizon. I rolled down my window to hopefully hear the sonic boom, but I was too far away. I’m glad that I was able to put a visual answer to the sonic mystery folks in the town where I work (Gainesville, FL) experienced.

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