Southern California Earthquake (Riverside County): More Than 100 Aftershocks – March 11 2013


aftershocks after california earthquake march 2013

Monday morning’s magnitude 4.7 earthquake in Riverside County was followed by more than 100 small aftershocks that radiated northeast, indicating that the quake occurred on a secondary fault of the San Jacinto fault. Follow this link to learn about the Anza quake.

The largest aftershock, a 3.2 quake, struck less than a minute after the first quake. The second, a 2.8 magnitude quake, occurred at 11:25 a.m. Another 2.8 quake occurred at 12:50 p.m. The vast majority of the aftershocks were largely imperceptible, with magnitudes smaller than 2.5. Valleys and other low elevation areas feel the effects most strongly. – LA Now

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