Unexplained strange booming sounds rattle Bowling Green in Plano/Alvaton Area, Kentucky – March 4 2013


bowling green, kentucky, loud booms

BOWLING GREEN – Several residents report hearing a loud boom just before 10:00 p.m. Monday around Plano and Alvaton, Kentucky. The source remains unknown. Kentucky State Police dispatched units to the area, but as of 11:55 p.m. Monday nothing had been found. – WBKO

Here a few reports from residents on Topix

anyone else just hear an extremely loud boom?, Went outside immediately after boom, did not see anything……..in plano, maybe a military aircraft passing mach 1?, and the funniest: Aliennssss!!!!!! The end is near, hide yo kids, yo wives and yo husbands!


  1. The sounds heard are the resulting shock waves from significant underground tunneling and excavations that are occurring in support of numerous government and DHS “safe bunkers”. There is a reason why they are being built. You are not on the invite list.

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