Week-End Updates: Mysterious Booms And Explosions, Large Earthquakes, Fish Die-Offs Around The World


Underground Explosion In Downtown Albany New York March 23 2013

No one was injured in an explosion this morning near the Albany Visitor Center. But after a series of manhole explosions and an underground fire last fall, local residents are concerned. Broken glass and a damaged window sill was the worst of the above-ground damage left behind by the explosion, which launched four manhole covers into the air at 5:30am Saturday. It happened at Broadway and Clinton just in front of the Historic Quackenbush House – now the Olde English Pub. Albany fire officials say the explosion was caused by a fire sparked by an underground electrical problem. But it’s the third accident in just six months in downtown Albany. Last September, a burning cable led to an underground explosion in the afternoon, blowing a roughly three-hundred pound manhole cover into the air along Pearl Street. The following week, 3,700 people lost power after another underground fire. – WNYT

Officials are attributing this and the other explosions to the city’s aging infrastructure. Could it also be the result of an active earth?

Here another video presenting a summary of explosions that occurred around the world. I already presented some but I find the videos of Real World Report always give a good view about where and why such blasts happened.

Here the video links:
Police: Pa. man blows up house on day he is due in court, killing self, injuring others

Watch underground transformer explosions that close Louisville streets

St. Petersburg gas explosion leaves 100 homeless

Woman Taken to Hospital After Home Explosion in Eagle Butte Wednesday

Police investigating reported explosion in East Brainerd

Williams Cos Shuts Down Natural Gas Pipeline After West Virginia Explosion

Three missing after E China mine blast

Mystery Explosion Kills One, Leaves Pennsylvania House in Ruins

Search on for more gas leaks after home explosion

3 people injured in Grand Junction home fire, explosion; residents, 2 schools evacuated

Underground fire causes minor explosions


Magnitude 6.0 earthquake East of Kuril Island (Russia) and 6.1 in the Vanuatu Region March 24 2013

Russian Earthquake details and map:

magnitude 6.1 earthquake in Russia march 2013

Vanuatu 6.0 earthquake details and map:

vanuatu island large earthquake march 2013

Mystery fish Die-Off in Cape Town South Africa

fish die-off in Cape Town march 2013

The City of Cape Town was working with national and provincial authorities to remove 5 tons of fish found in the Milnerton area. The dead mullets [commonly known as harders] were found washed ashore along the shoreline between the Lagoon Beach river mouth and the Milnerton Lighthouse as early as of Friday. – News 24

Mystery fish Die-off in South Yunderup Westaustralia, Australia

fish die-off in Australia march 2013

SOUTH Yunderup residents are urged to avoid touching the dead fish that washed up on the shores of the lake near Wellya Crescent. Mass deaths were usually the result of natural events but in this case, they can be due to other environmental and human-induced factors. – In My Community

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