What happened in South Carolina? Mystery Blaze Destroys 180 Homes Carolina Forest, SC – March 17 2013


windsor green complex devastated by raging fire, south carolina march 2013

An entire community wiped out in huge blaze across South Carolina which destroyed up to 180 homes. Dozens of families have had their homes razed to the ground and pets killed in a major fire across a South Carolina gated-community.
The fire spread through a residential area of Carolina Forest with alarming ferocity destroying 26 buildings and up to 180 condos across four streets in the Windsor Green complex.

The circumstances of the blaze are still unclear: it may had started in a grassy area of the complex near a set of power lines separating Windsor Green from Ashley Park. Then dry and windy weather conditions seemingly helped it spread at violent speeds.

mystery blaze in south carolina destructs 180 homes march 2013

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