Mysterious Fires Raging Across The United States: Tennessee, South Carolina and Virginia – March 2013


mysterious fires in USA march 2013, mystery fires in Tennessee march 2013

I previously reported about two of these mysterious fires that destructed several hundreds of houses and cabins in Tennessee and in South Caronina. As Enigma Seeker I am wondering why they actually happen. Are they related to the Mystery booms? Remember, small earthquakes were responsible for underground explosion, among others, in Omaha and Kansas City back in January 2013 (search strangesounds: underground explosions). Are these mysterious fires the result of be mankind’s imbalance with nature? We are indeed destabilizing our planet through fracking, oil drills, underground construction and so forth which also result in small earthquakes (the latest in Oklahoma). I just hope these do not foretell a much bigger catastrophe. Have a safe day!

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